About Us

From the minute you open the door that leads you into Alvito’s, you will find yourself surrounded by familiar faces making you feel welcome in the cozy interior. These Italian personalities invite you in and make you feel at home. Once we show you to your seat, you can then appreciate that the friendly faces are hand-crafted murals on the wall, but still they capture your attention as you try to figure out who they are. These impressive murals have become conversation pieces with customer who dine in Alvitos; maybe on a first date or a business lunch or even meeting the parents for the fist time, you can always count on Joe Pesci, Robert de Niro and Madonna to break the ice!

Alvito’s warm, modern and informal environment has been created to allow diners to soak up up the ambiance, relax and enjoy their meal. The friendly, approachable service feels inviting and inspires confidence.