Meet the Owners

Alvito’s is owned and managed by Pietro and Sabrina Macari. Pietro and Sabrina are also proud owners of da Vinci’s Italian restaurant for twenty years. Let’s say that this husband and wife team have extensive experience in the running of restaurants. Pietro and Sabrina are a motivated couple who are very focused and hands-on in their restaurants which keeps them on the cutting edge in this forever changing hospitality industry. They do this alongside their staff members otherwise known to them as their extended family by hosting fashion shows, pamper ladies evening, birthday parties as well as family gatherings or meals with your loved one. All of these occasions can be captured on our Facebook page.

Pietro and Sabrina would like to take this opportunity to applaud their team, from the hostess, bar staff, servers, cooks and kitchen porters for their hard work and dedication to Alvito’s. We strive to keep our team properly trained in order than they can succeed and enjoy themselves at the same time. This allows our customers to relax in our warm setting and enjoy our lovely food with friendly staff.